Some of our perks

Take care of your work and Ports Group takes care of you.

Flex time

Flexible hours

We know that not every day is compatible with an eight-to-five-job, that is why we offer flexible hours. Simply to make your everyday life easier.

Health insurance

We care. That is the reason the private health care insurance covering our employees is only one of the insurances that covers you as an employee at Ports Group.

Pension money


Hard work should pay off – even after 65! That is why our employees are covered by an occupational pension.


One of our key values is Competence, and it shows throughout the entire organization. To us, the basic training your first weeks is as important as the chance to increase your knowledge as you advance at Ports Group.

Transparency & autonomy

Your career – vertical or horizontal

At Ports Group, the possibilities of a career in-house are almost endless. Vertical growth, or change direction and move horizontal to another department? You decide!

Preventive health care

We encourage everyone at Ports Group to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That is one of the reasons that we offer a generous preventive health care package.

Ports Group is currently in our most expansive phase so far. Because of this we are constantly looking for new talents to join the awesome group of individuals that make up Ports Group.

Here you will get responsibility from the beginning – we are convinced that by trusting your employees you help them thrive. We appreciate the ability to take initiative, encourage growth and believes in creating a work environment where you fill a purpose, every day!

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