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During our kick-off last week we held the award ceremony for the honorable Ports Awards! All employees at Ports Group had throughout the last weeks of 2017 been given the chance to nominate their colleagues in different categories (see below) and based on those a jury picked our winners.

Besides the five categories where you could nominate people, there was an additional category where only the number of votes counted; our Honor prize “This year’s Ports Group:er”.

It is with great pride we hereby announce our winners in this 2018 year’s Ports Awards!

Sky Rocket of the year

Criteria: This year’s Sky Rocket is a relatively new star at Ports Group who in a short amount of time has had an outstanding development. This person has gone from strength to strength from day one and has a constant upward-pointing development curve.

Winners: Jonathan Borg, Customer Care and Fredrik Nylin, Professional Services 

It feels really good that my colleagues has voted for me for “This year’s Sky Rocket”, and that the work I have carried through has been appreciated.

Jonathan Borg, Customer Care.


I am so happy and honored to receive this prize, and it is a confirmation that my dedication to the work I do really pays of.

Fredrik Nylin, Client Manager. 


Steady Rock of the year

Criteria: This is someone at Ports Group who does a great work that does not always get noticed. Perhaps this person’s results aren’t the ones you hear and talk about- but without our winner the everyday work would be significantly tougher!

Winner: Yu Tian, Development

I’m really honored and happy to win this award. It motivates me a lot and gives me more confidence in my future work.

Yu Tian, Software Developer.


Business woman/man of the year

Criteria: Business woman/man of the year is not necessarily the person who always delivers the highest numbers. Instead we are looking for someone who in an exemplary way adapt to our new products and services. This person has an outstanding quality in his/hers contact with our clients, has a long-term mindset and does business in both the client’s and Ports Group’s best interest.

Winner: Niclas Jonsson, Sales

I am very honored to receive Business man of the year, and it feels extra special that it’s my dear colleagues that nominated me. A big thanks to Ports Group and my colleagues for an educational and, above all, fun year together!

Niclas Jonsson, Account Director. 



Colleague of the year

Criteria: Colleague of the year is someone who simply does every day at Ports Group better. The person is supportive and never hesitates to help or easing the pressure of others. Further on, this person radiates joy and energy where ever he/she is. The days are simply a little bit more dull when this person isn’t present!

Winner: Josefine Benzow, Sales 

To become Colleague of the year withing this group really is an honor. It is also an acknowledgment for me that my first year (and what a fun year!) at the company went just as good as I thought!

Josefine Benzow, Sales Coordinator.


Achievement of the year

Criteria: Achievement of the year should go to someone who through one or more specific incidents has accomplished a lasting impression within the organization – whether it’s a new idea that has been carried through, a well put together project or an heroic effort during challenging situations. 

Winners: Jeanett Tesfaledet, Domain Operations and Marcus Wessberg, IT


Unbelievable! I am so grateful for this prize, and I want to take a moment to pay tribute to my colleagues who makes it possible for me to carry through with all the projects I am involved in. I feel more that ready to take on new challenges in 2018!

Jeanett Tesfaledet, Domain Name Coordinator.


Prize of Honor: Ports Grouper of the year

Criteria: Our Ports Grouper of the year is someone who live and breath Ports Group’s values. This someone is an example for his/hers colleagues and an extremely appreciated part of the organization. The person represent our company in an outstanding way both internal and external and is permeated with Ports Group’s core values; knowledge, commitment, forward thinking, security, respect and teamwork- in everything he/her take on.

Winner: Marcus Wessberg, IT

(Marcus also won a prize in the category “Achievement of the year”)

To win both “Achievement of the year” and our honor price Ports Grouper of the year feels just as big as when IFK won the UEFA cup in ’82. I am very happy and grateful!

Marcus Wessberg, Head of IT.


A big congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to all of our amazing employees who took time to nominate their colleagues.

Did you know that you can read more about our colleagues by clicking on their contact card at portsgroup.com? Click HERE to discover more about the people that makes Ports Group!


Liza Engström
Liza Engström

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