Life as a trainee at Ports Group


A month ago, Louise Ragnarsson started her internship at Ports Group’s sales department. Louise studies IT-solutions at IHM Business School in Gothenburg, with focus on sales and marketing within the IT industry.

Ports Group met Louise at a company/student event at IHM and shortly afterwards we scheduled an interview where Louise blew us away with her energetic personality and positive mindset. The rest is, as you say, history.


“I knew right away after talking to a couple of people from the company who gave me an understanding of the company’s values that I wanted to do my internship here. Ports Group offered a broad and educational plan for my internship and I felt that this place could give me the biggest development, so the choice was really easy.”

What has your first impression of the company and colleagues been?

I only have good things to say about the company, and my colleagues above all. The sellers have invited me to join them in their daily work with open arms, given me valuable advice, I have attended variable education sessions and everybody treats me like one in the gang. It really has been a no-brainer, and from my point of view Ports Group really succeeded in recruiting an awesome gang with the right mindset.


What do you get to do as a trainee at Ports Group?

Wow, a lot! First, of you need to learn the products and that you do through several educations held by various internal experts. I also have had the opportunity to study different departments to learn how they work on a daily basis. Besides from this I have mostly joined client meetings along with the sales department, I help with client analysis and also have had the chance to handle some parts of the client presentations.


Would you recommend people to work here?

I really would. If you want to work for a company that really invest in their employees and have a flexible attitude toward people this is a great place to work. It is eminently complex sales and you educate your clients as much as you sell, which is rewarding. If you, as I do, appreciate freedom with responsibility, great colleagues and a challenging and complex portfolio of services that ensures that you constantly develops as a seller, this is the place to be!


Liza Engström
Liza Engström

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