Kick-off 2018


After closing 2017 and high-fived all that we accomplished (read more about it in our CEO’s Christmas message to our clients HERE) we packed our bags and jumped on a bus and went north for 2018’s kick-off. Thursday to Sunday were spent together among mountains and powder snow where the laughter never seemed to stop.

We had a couple of really productive conference days where our employees got to give their take on how we can reach our long-term goals. To us, it is more a rule than an exception that the best solutions and ideas we have implemented in our organization has started with our employees- and this conference really proved that this is a winning concept!

Besides conference, our days were filled with skiing, scooter trips, long lunches and of course some after-ski gatherings where we danced in our, custom made for this trip, Ports Group’s branded t-shirts.

Just as it says at our t-shirt, is, literally, our domain. Check it out HERE.

Now the whole gang is back on track at our offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, and we are more than excited over what’s to come 2018. Thank you all Ports Groupers for an amazing weekend. Now, let’s make 2018, if possible, twice as great as 2017!


Liza Engström
Liza Engström

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