What it is like being a Paralegal trainee at Ports Group



Last fall Ports Groups was invited to Yrgo, a vocational university in Gothenburg, to hold a lecture for their class of future Paralegals. Since there are basically nothing we like more than sharing our passion and knowledge within our areas of expertise we obviously said yes.

A little over six months later it was time for the students to apply for their first trainee period, and we got several excellent applications (so we must have done something right at that lecture!). After interviewing all of the applicants, our choice fell on Ida. With a safe and secure personality, and in addition prior experience within trademark protection, she got the chance to learn all about our work within immaterial rights.

“A complex world of immaterial assets and rights has opened up for me and as a future Paralegal I could really see myself work within this area.”


How come that you choose to do your trainee period at Ports Group?

Already when Ports Group visited our class and told us about their company I got a good feeling. I got the impression that the employees are given great space within the organization, and that they really cherish and trust their competence. Those attributes spoke to me, and I felt like it would be a good and developing place to do my trainee period.

What was your first impression of the company and the colleagues?

I got a great welcoming from all of the people working at Ports Group. It all started of intense, already the first day I participated in educations that gave me a good introduction to the world of trademarks and domains, and which role Ports Group has in it. I also got educated within the technical and digital services in order to get an overall picture of the company.

How would you describe your trainee period?

Very educational and exciting. A complex world of immaterial assets and rights has opened up for me, and it is a branch that is larger than I first thought – and I still have only seen a small part of it so far. As a future Paralegal I could really see myself work within this area. There is an on-going development and new challenges all the time that you have to adapt to. My work tasks has varied a lot, from investigations that really challenge the mind to routine work, a mix that I have appreciated.

Can you recommend people to work or do their trainee period at Ports Group – and if yes, why?

Ports Group is a flat organization where everybody work towards one goal; the best service possible for their clients. As an employee you really have freedom with responsibility, and also a possibility to affect and develop the organization together with your colleagues. Your ideas are listened to, and the environment is creative. If you are attracted to those kind of values, you should really choose Ports Group!


After Ida’s trainee period she got the offer to stay and work for us a couple of weeks this summer before she returns to her last year of studies. We would like to take this time to thank Ida for this time, and wish her the best of luck with her studies – and we hope to see each other soon again!


Liza Engström
Liza Engström

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