Professional Services

Learn more about our consultant department

Our consultants at Professional Services are the pros that advise our clients on their IP rights, as well as working for them with administrating and developing their IP portfolio.

They handle acquisitions, make recommendations regarding our clients’ portfolios, formulates different strategies for handling IP rights, and much, much more.

To work here, you need to be comfortable dealing with critical issues regarding valuable assets, working tightly with all of our in-house departments and have a professional take on business. In return, you will have the ability to grow and advance within a business area that is only getting more and more important to companies all over the world.

They are based in both Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Every day I get to work with our clients and be a part of their strategic plan towards IP. It is constantly evolving, we are a “go get it” kind of company and we are constantly striving forward”

Casper Carning
Client Manager and a member of the Group since 2015.