Learn more about our marketing department

The Marketing Department at Ports Group works with graphical design for our company and has the overall responsibility for the marketing strategy. They create and administrate our websites and have during the past year carrying out our rebranding process.

Here, the sky is the limit and not one day is like the one before. It is not unusual to see the floor covered with pictures of different layout ideas, or the glass walls covered in text as a result of a brainstorming session.

Our Marketing Department is not big, but has a great impact on our business. They are the ones that ensure that our services is communicated externally, and they work tightly with all of our different departments at Ports Group.

Ports Group redesign sketch

What I like about my job is that we have an open minded environment. Marketing, where I work, is a relatively small department, but with a lot of responsibility and high demand on being creative. We have a lot of spit-balling and always (well, almost always) reach consensus.

As an organization I like that we always question how things are. This includes our organisation as well as the business, and constantly change accordingly.”

Fredrik Larson
Marketing Manager and a member of the Group since 2008.